A systematic review of work-integrated learning for the digital economy


Siddoo, V., Janchai, W., & Sawattawee, J. (2018). A systematic review of work-integrated learning for the digital economy. International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, 19(4), 385-398.


Jinda Sawattawee at Prince of Songkla University Veeraporn Siddoo at Chiang Mai University Worawit Janchai at Chiang Mai University


systematic literature review work-integrated learning digital economy curriculum IT industry

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Chiang Mai University / Chiang Mai / Thailand Prince of Songkla University / Phuket / Thailand


This paper presents research related to the work-integrated learning (WIL) model. The objectives were to explore the characteristics and the techniques associated with it. The focus of this research was on model linked to the IT industry or IT department in non-IT industries. A systematic literature review was applied as research methodology and the collected data were from 2006 to 2016 from eight databases. There were 24 articles which matched the search criteria. The WIL models reported can be separated into four groups. The two key features are activities created by universities and activities offered by industry. The model techniques are knowledge, methods and tools for acquiring research problems and developing solutions. The existing models are very broad and need to be narrowed down so that prospective careers and the needs of the digital workforce are prioritized. Researchers suggest future trends in WIL models in the digital economy.

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