What is WIL?

Work-integrated learning (WIL) is a model that combines academic learning with practical experience through a variety of forms, including internships, co-operative education and apprenticeships. As a growing topic of interest among researchers, institutions, government and organizations worldwide, studies included in this portal investigate the impact of WIL for the three key stakeholders: students, host organizations and the academic institutions. Also found in the portal are studies that investigate aspects of the WIL educational model and the host organization experience.

Types of WIL*

*Source: Accountability Council for Co-operative Education (ACCE) WIL Matrix

WIL Research

WIL and co-op practitioners around the world are committed to advancing the model and practice of work-integrated learning through research and the sharing of research in the community. As a growing field, WIL research will continue to reveal the benefits and challenges of the multiple dimensions of work-integrated learning and how institutions and organizations can better support WIL participants.