These are the changes we've made to the portal with each version and future plans.

Release 1.4: In the Background (March, 2018)

We've fixed a few issues on the management side of the site

We also upgraded the style framework used to resolve a variety of possible browser issues

Release 1.3: "Happy New Year" (January, 2018)

Update some site layout to better conform to accessibility guidelines

Changed the background workflow of searching to work better with browser back button

Changed some of the URLs to make the naming convention better

Release 1.2: "Fixes and Usability" (November, 2017)

Most places that you see lists, you can now sort and filter the information.

Changes have been made to make several interactions better on mobile devices.

We've updated the overall style framework which can help with issues in specific browsers.

The keyword trends map has had changes to make it more consistent and accurate to the data we have.

You can now search by a few extra parameters, and we've unified the concept of journals, conferences, and other sources into one.

Minor tweaks here and there.

Release 1.1: "Improvements" (September, 2017)

We've updated the list resources page to show more info at a glance about the articles

Numerous updates were made to the author and institutions data sets, and you'll see more info about them reflected on the resource pages

You can now search by author from the detailed search page too. Same as from the quick search top bar.

Other changes here and there to improve your experience

Release 1.0: "Launch" (August, 2017)

We've launched an updated version with changes in the background to fix issues, make future development sustainable, and a new platform.

Of course we've also added more articles, added additional data, accessible versions of some of the resources, and more user features. Feel free to browser the resources, provide feedback, and we'll continue to make positive changes going forward.

Release 0.9: "Launch Candidate" (March 31, 2017)

The site is live but we are still working on a few things. Anyone who registers on the site will receive updates. As well, we will be providing updates on the progress of the WIL Research Portal through WatCACE's twitter account: UW_WatCACE .

Release 1.0 (expected soon) will include articles from the Co-operative Education and Internships Journal as well as links to articles contained in the Asia Pacific Journal of Co-operative Education. The Find a Resource and Submit a Resource and Register and Feedback sections will be completely functional.

Beyond Release 1.0, we will be working on the Trends and Community features of the site as well as increasing the pool of relevant resources from journals or sources other than APJCE and CEIA.

We'd love to hear from you. Please share your thoughts or comments with us through the Feedback option on the site, or emailing us directly to